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Why Telehealth?

There are so many options out there for therapy today. Especially after the Covid-19 shutdown. Most insurance plans cover Telehealth. Although you need to be sure that it is written into your plan for that to be covered. In Washington State, beginning, January 1, 2021, there is a telehealth parity law going into effect that states mental health therapy will be reimbursed at the same rate whether in person or telehealth.

You can see a short 10-minute video on Telehealth and CBT here:

Currently, licensed mental health providers do receive a slightly lower rate with most companies. Although, personally, I have found I like doing telehealth and have more resources I can provide clients in real-time. In the office, you do not have the same access to documents and resources to share with clients that you do when online. Most of my clients prefer online therapy for the following reasons:

1. It is convenient

a. You can do it out of your home

b. You do not need to commute to an office, so you can do it when traveling or

across the state. The provider needs to be licensed in the state you live in.

c. You can wear your pajamas if you want.

2. Providers can share resources and their screen with you in real-time.

a. There many clinical tools online and saved in providers drive that can be

shared with a client live in session and then emailed immediately after the session.

b. Clients can also share their screen if they have an email or something they want

their therapist to see. I have had kids show me their artwork they have uploaded.

3. It is confidential and private.

a. Therapists are required by law to use a HIPPA compliant platform for therapy.

b. You can do therapy in your bedroom and never leave your home. Know one

can spy your care in a parking lot.

c. If you live in a small community, you can see a therapist in a larger city or outside of


There are many resources out there to find a therapist... 1. One of the top-rated ones is Psychology Today 2. I partner with Mindful Therapy Group and there are over 250 therapists and psychiatric

nurse practitioners within our organization. 3. Therapy Den is another resource to search for providers in your local area. 4. NAMI is a great resource to find support groups online and simply information about

mental health disorders and support.

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