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Teens and Snapchat TikTok Caution

Recently I heard a group of freshmen and sophomore girls talking about Snapchat and what happens there. The girls were simply having a conversation and they began comparing how often they were asked to take nude photos of themself and share them with the asker. The girls all said at least once a week. I have since reached out to a number of other teens and this is a consistent amount. The girls then proceeded to discuss how often boys/guys/men send them photos of their "junks" not quite as often, but more than a couple of times a month. The girls were all shocked and disgusted by this. One of the girls had clearly had the talk with her parents about what to do with the experience but the others had not. Have you? Do not wait until your child is in crisis. Here are some links to get you started:

Don't wait until it is too late. -be sure to look at the links related to the downloads...they are awesome.

What is Sexting and Why should I be worried?

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