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Older Adult, Quarantine and Finding Hope

Research has found that individuals over 60 are at the greatest risk for depression during the COVID-19 quarantine. Older adults are at the greatest risk of death if they contract the virus. Because of this, most have been very good about following social distancing guidelines. Many experts are seeing isolation lead to depression, especially in those over 60.

One of the best things older adults can do for the mental well being is to stay connected. Stay connected with those they love and to their health care providers. Video conferencing is the best option. Experts even believe it is worth the risk of contact to have someone they trust help them one time to teach and set up video calling. Being able to see loved ones is a huge advantage.

Whatever helps them cope and keeps them occupied during self-quarantine should be encouraged.

The other things that older adults might find helpful are analog games, such as Hangman or Tic Tac Toe ( Older adults are finding joy in activities they used to enjoy as kids. There were so many things we all did prior to our digital society.

Other ideas that can be done in Zoom by sharing a screen or a whiteboard.

  1. Dots and Boxes. This is a simple, classic pen and paper game, that teaches strategy. Find the rules (and a video!) here.

  2. Pictionary

  3. Online Scattergories:

  4. Trivia

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