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10 Daily Activities to Lift Your Mood

Updated: May 11, 2020

  1. Get Dressed every day, as if you have somewhere to go. Groom yourself, attractively, and do it as if you need to be somewhere now. Remember to brush your teeth.📷

  2. Get outside at least 20 minutes every day. Walk, ride a bike, go for a run, walk the dog...just get some natural sunlight. Sunlight is a natural mood booster.📷

  3. Stick to a schedule. Try to get to bed and wake up relatively the same time every day and shoot for 8 hours of sleep daily. You need your sleep, but not too much. Routine helps.📷

  4. Build-in downtime. Many times guilt can set in when doing “nothing.” Remember part of taking care of yourself is to build in breaks and time to breathe. Just make them time-limited They can be more frequent in the beginning but stretch the time out in between as you gain stamina. 📷

  5. Celebrate the small stuff. You are dressed and ready to go, now do something. Remember to acknowledge what you have done. Celebrate your success rather than beating yourself up for your failures. You have this. If you can celebrate what you did accomplish you can begin to change your way of thinking.📷

  6. Eat. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It does not need to be fancy. But make that is nutritious. A banana, glass of milk, and nuts for breakfast. It is easy and gives you a well-balanced meal. Remember protein can really help.

  7. Say something nice to yourself. When you see your reflection in a mirror, in a window, in the water, etc… say something nice to yourself, like; “You look great today!” or “Your hair looks amazing!” or “You were really kind to someone today.” The more you can remind yourself of your value the more you will begin to absorb it.📷📷

  8. Relationships matter. You need to have time with people who care about you. Make regular “dates” with friends or family who bring you positive energy. Make time and effort to spend time with them.

  9. Set yourself up for success. Many times we make lofty goals for ourselves to get done. Make one goal at a time. Take baby steps at first. Get one small thing done, maybe a 5-minute project, and then grow the time and effort. Don’t set yourself up to fail. It is okay to start slow and small. Each task you accomplish is a win.📷📷

  10. Finally, take it one day at a time. You will do what you can do. Tomorrow is another day. You can not change the past, you only can focus on the now and live in to the future you want to have. Is your behavior demonstrating the person you want to be?📷

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